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ramblings from the local cynic

todays weather is slightly sarcastic with a good chance of indifference


So...you can call me Ang. I'm a junior at the U of Minnesota...just loving life and taking things as they come for now. Bio major (woop) getting my BS next summer, and then throwing myself into the real world, which is all a bit frightening.

The journal is friends-only...not because it really contains anything exciting or worth keeping secret...but having my personal thoughts on public display isn't really that appealing. If you really want to read it...leave a message on my F/O post, but unless I know you / have another (good) reason, I'll probably ignore you. Nothing personal, I'm just sorta a bitch sometimes.

Maybe I'll come up with something more exciting to put here later, but maybe not. Oh, and I do have interests, I just haven't taken the time to think about what they actually are...hmm. Perhaps will group that in with the "something more exciting" category. Does anyone really read these anyway? Oh well.